Is your JavaScript function actually pure?

What does “pure function” mean in the context of JavaScript? In programming in general, purity is also known as “referential transparency”, a fancy way of saying “replacing an expression or function call with its result will never change the behavior of the program” or a way of saying “every time you pass the same inputs, you always get the same outputs”.

The inaccessible web: how we got into this mess

Theoretically, anyone can access the web. In reality, disabled people are excluded.Compared to other public spaces, the internet provides us with choices for how we consume and interact. We can use

Search: 301 Redirect Changes

Google is changing how it interprets your 301 (and other 30X) redirects. Heres a comparison of the old and the new, and what you should already be doing.

A Single Div

A Single Div: a CSS drawing project by Lynn Fisher

CSS Triggers...

align-content Triggers layout Triggers paint Triggers composite align-items Triggers layout Triggers paint Triggers composite align-self

A Few Points on 'SEO'

Some observational points on why you should work on investing in quality content, a good platform, and classic marketing

Some JavaScript Sketches • Matt DesLauriers

October 13, 2015 Some JavaScript Sketches It’s been a while since a blog post, so here’s a look at some small sketches I’ve developed in the last six months. Most of them use…

Luke Clark

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