A Few Points on 'SEO'

  1. Instead of buying the snake oil, start with a content strategy.
  2. You can’t optimise for a search engine, instead what you can do is optimise what a user is looking for. Optimising for what a search engine would do to find content is ass-backwards, What happens when the algorithm changes?
  3. ‘Rank and Bank’ no longer exists.
  4. The current SEO marketplace is extremely confusing, even to people within the industry. Half of the people seem to have no idea what’s actually going on.
  5. There’s an extremely high chance that a company that markets themselves as ‘SEO Agencies’ is going to rip you off. They’re playing off the small business fear by selling crappy half-finished products in the process. The tools which actually work, and properly measure effectiveness are mostly free.
  6. Good SEO is really good traditional marketing. Just mixed together with a well designed, semantically structured website, and content that a user will actually find valuable. If you can’t see the value in the content you’re putting up, what makes you think anyone else will?
  7. Companies that do well in search ranking tend to be doing RCS (Real Company Shit). Not relying on shortcuts and cheap tricks.
  8. Seen any huge SEO companies recently? They’ve all rebranded themselves far, far away from that term. Basically, Invest in quality marketing, quality content, and a robust platform which can support your requirements.